Writing Projects

I have compiled a list of research and writing projects that I have recently completed. All files are in PDF format and I encourage you to read my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects.

Summer 2011 Co-Op Experience Term Paper

I was given an opportunity to complete a Co-Op experience with the University of Arkansas in the Summer of 2011. In the term paper, I explain my goals and experiences working for my father’s construction company, WWS LLC, in the finance division. The paper showcases the skills that I acquired and displays my work ethic.

Homeschooling Guide for the 21st Century Student

This is a guide for a student who is thinking about being homeschooled, is currently homeschooled, or an instructor that is wanting to learn more about homeschooling. I was homeschooled throughout my high school years and the information available online is of poor quality. I wrote this to inspire students and instructors to homeschool and receive the benefits of an alternative education.

Economic Development Report for Rogers and Lowell Arkansas

I completed this report for the Rogers Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce. The report includes the drivers of economic growth, specific areas of improvements, and planning initiatives to make Rogers and Lowell Arkansas better communities.


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